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Hi, I’m Krista, chief bookworm and baker here at The Bookakery. The handsome little man with me is Sterling, my assistant baker, and bookworm in training.  We’re here to share our love of books and baking with you and your family.

The Bookakery -Chief Bookworm and Baker with Assitant Baker and Bookworm-In-Training Sterling

If you’ve asked me anytime in the past 15+ years what I want to do I probably have said that at some point I want to open a coffee shop, or a bookstore, or a bakery, or some combination of the three. In the last few years that idea has taken more shape and become The Bookakery; a kids’ bookstore filled with story times and activities that help grow the next generation into book lovers, while also being a place for moms and dads (and whomever else) to enjoy delicious, unpretentious baked goods and a cup of coffee. Sounds like a place you’d want to hang out, right? Me too. So that’s the goal.

While opening a physical bookstore may still be a ways off there are still lots of ways that we can bring the Bookakery to you today.

  • First off is with this blog. This is where we can share our favorite kid books and recipes and general updates.
  • We also have our Bookakery Boxes. Instead of limiting the Bookakery to our local community we want to spread it across the country and are doing so with a monthly subscription box. Each Bookakery Box comes with a hardback picture book, kid-friendly recipe card, baking item/tool, and an additional project all based around a theme of the month. These boxes are perfect for families with young kids who want to encourage a love of reading and baking but might not have the time to find new books and ideas on their own.
  • Our Bookakery Community group over on Facebook.  Let’s face it, blogs are great ways to find out about things, but they are fairly one-sided conversations. What is really needed is a village (aka Facebook group in this day and age) where parents can interact with each other, share their favorite books and recipes, ask questions and crack a few jokes about the joys and headaches parenting.  If you’ve made it this far on our About Me page, we’d love to have you join us.

Someday, the dream of a bookstore will become a reality, but until then I hope you’ll join us in our adventure as we explore the world through children’s books and comfort baking.

Happy Reading!

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