15 Activities for Curious Kids

Cultivating Wonder. 15 Activities for Curious Kids

Let’s face it, all kids are born curious. It is not something that you need to teach them, but it is something that can be squashed as they grow older. It is our job as parents to provide a safe and encouraging environment where our kids’ natural curiosity can flourish. These 15 simple activities for curious kids are just a few ideas that you can try with your family.

Wonder Activities

1: Go outside and look at the clouds. What things do you see in the clouds?

2: What shape is the moon tonight? Is it always that shape?

3: Trace your hand. What animals can you turn it into?

4: Look at your family. What is something that is the same about all of them? What is something different about each person?

5: Find your shadow. How many ways can you make it move?

6: Gather a few stuffed animals and mix them up in a pile with your eyes shut. Can you figure out what each one is without peeking? What do they each feel like?

7: Collect 5 rocks. What is the same about them? What is different?

8: Draw chalk circles on the sidewalk. Can you jump to each circle? Can you hop between them? What other ways can you move from circle to circle?

9: Look through a picture book you haven’t read before without reading the words, what do you think the story is about? Then read the story. Was the story what you thought it would be? Do you like your version or the written version better? These are some of our favorite silly picture books in case you need an idea for a new book.

10: Make a drum from things you find in a kitchen cupboard or recycle bin. How do different things sound? Can you find two different things that sound the same?

11: With Play-Doh, make a ball, snake and pancake. What is the same about all of them? What can you make using all three shapes?

12: Use a rope or hose to make a line on the ground outside. How many different ways can you go over the line?

13: Put some water in a bowl. Pick 5 small things from around the house. Take turns putting each one in the water. Which ones sink and which ones float.  Why do you think some things float and others sink?

14: Collect 4 different leaves. How are their shapes and colors different?

15: Bake some Yum Yums, Pumpkin Cake, or anything else together. Where do you think the ingredients come from? What happens if you don’t follow the recipe? How can something be liquid when it goes in the oven and solid when it comes out?

Cultivating Wonder. 15 Activities for Curious Kids

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  1. Allison Sitlani says: Reply

    I love this! Lots of memories as a kid laying in the garden watching clouds!

    1. I always loved doing that, correction, still love doing that.

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