Bookakery Boxes: a peek inside

Want to get a peek inside a Bookakery Box? This is where you can check out what type of items are included in each of our Bookakery Boxes.

Every Bookakery Box comes with a minimum of four items:

Hardback Picture Book

Almost all of our Bookakery Box themes come from books that we fall in love with and can’t wait to share. Each book not only has to meet our standards of a great picture book but is kid-tested too. We are always on the hunt for beautiful, timeless books with stories from both near and far. While there is the possibility you might get a book you already own, we make sure to pick books that are less than a year old to help limit that possibility. Here’s a peek at some of our past Bookakery Books:

Bookakery Boxes. Bookakery books. Picture books. Past Bookakery Box picture books.

Kid-friendly Recipe Card

One of our goals with our Bookakery Boxes is to provide you and your kid(s) with activities that you can do together. Our recipes are designed for kids to love, but still require the help of a grown-up or older sibling. Each colorful recipe card will not only provide the list of ingredients and instructions but also fun facts about the recipe or ingredients and a visual guide to the supplies you will need to have on hand. Most of our recipes are for sweets but there are the occasional months when you will find a savory recipe inside.

A few extra notes about out recipes:

  • They are not gluten or nut-free, but when we have a recipe that includes nuts or a nut product we do note that it is either optional or what other nut-free items can be used as a substitute.
  • Bookakery Boxes do not come with the ingredients inside. Due to allergies, we decided to not include the majority of the ingredients needed in our boxes. We do occasionally include sprinkles or other specialty items that the recipe calls for.
Recipes for kids. Bookakery recipe card. Fun baking recipes for kids.

Baking Tool or Item

Each Bookakery Box includes a baking tool or special ingredient to help your kids bring their recipes to life. These items can vary from cake pans to spatulas to sprinkles.

Baking with kids. Kid-friendly recipes. Bookakery recipes and baking.

Theme Inspired Activity

Books, baking and a bonus project. The last item in our Bookakery Boxes is our theme inspired activities. Decorate a telescope, sew a stuffed monster or build a paper zoo, these fun projects will let you sit down together, talk about your book and create something amazing!

Book inspired activities for kids. Book themed crafts.

All Wrapped Up!

The finishing touches. Everything comes wrapped in colorful tissue paper, sealed with a sticker and packaged in one of our playful Bookakery Boxes. Nothing beats seeing the look of joy on your kid’s face when they see their Bookakery Box arrive in the mail. Who doesn’t love happy mail?

Happy mail. Kids subscription box. Bookakery Box. Book and baking subscription box.

Ready to order yours today or find out more? Head over to our shop at!

A peek inside Bookakery Boxes. Hardback picture books, kid-friendly recipe cards, activities and more! Bookish happy mail for kids!

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