Saturday Morning Pancakes

Saturday mornings mean different things to different people.  To some people it means the chance to sleep in.  To others it’s the time to lounge around in your PJs and watch cartoons.  Around here it means it’s time for pancakes.

We take our pancakes pretty seriously around here. We cook them together. We eat them together. We have pancake based nicknames for each other. One of us even has his very own handmade, passed down Pancake Boy cap (names and pictures are being withheld to protect the innocent).

Pancakes an interactive cookbook

With all of this pancake love going around our house I didn’t even pause when I saw Cook in a Book’s Pancakes! an interactive recipe book, by Lotta Nieminen, pop up in my Instagram feed before I went and ordered it on Amazon.

Making pancakes
Once the book arrived I am not sure which one of us liked the book more.  It’s filled with bold graphics, simple instructions and lots of pull tabs, spinning pieces and even a flip-able pancake.

Flip-able pancakes

We tried out the recipe this past Saturday…but due to some poor planning on my part we had to improvise on the recipe a little bit.

Making pancakes

Oh well, I guess that means we will just have to try it again this coming Saturday… once I restock the milk and eggs.


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