About us


But what is it really?

If you’ve asked me anytime in the past 15+ years what I want to do I probably have said that at some point I want to open a coffee shop, or a bookstore, or a bakery, or some combination of the three. In the last four years that idea has taken more shape and become The Bookakery; a kids’ bookstore filled with story times and activities that help grow the next generation into book lovers, while also being a place for moms and dads (and whomever else) to enjoy delicious, unpretentious baked goods and a cup of coffee. Sounds like a place you’d want to hang out, right? Me too. So that’s the goal.

But…there’s always a but…I saw a quote that said “a goal without action is only a dream.”

A dream?

Dreams are things that you think about and wish about but that you have no control over whether they come true. That is not what I want. I want The Bookakery to exist. I don’t want to leave it to fate and happenstance.

Which means action is needed. So here I am.

Opening a store may not be possible right now but that doesn’t mean there are not actions to be taken. I can be planning, researching, learning and saving. And writing. Writing, not only tell you about progress towards a physical store but also, to share my favorite kids books and recipes. To let you, yes you, experience a taste of The Bookakery and see what it will be all about.

Happy reading!


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